We produce personal, interactive, multi-media web sites and CD-Roms, for you, the college bound student, to include with your college and scholarship aid applications. This helps distinguish you from millions of others who are applying for college.

With our help, you create an interactive, multi-media, web site and CD-Rom that can include a personal student profile, writing sample, SAT scores, GPA, as well as video clips of performances during high school; theatre arts; debate; music; student government; sports or any other topic you feel warrants inclusion with your applications!

In the event that you do not have actual video clips or digital footage from high school, video clips can be created by using various "still" photos, music, text, and voice overs.

Shown below, are examples of video clips which have been produced using both methods: actual video footage and "still" photographs. Both have been adapted to stream on the Internet.

This piece was created from actual video footage of a student. It was broadcast on a local CBS affiliate.

This piece was created from various still photos of this student meeting with the former Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher.

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Include the web site and CD-Rom for the college admissions office to review when assessing your application.

"This truly innovative idea could be a most useful tool for high school Juniors and Seniors, hoping to optimize the experiences of their high school careers in the increasingly competitive, college admissions process...."

Lane Murray
Stanford University Graduate
Former College Director of Admissions
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